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I acknowledge shifts are from 3-5:30pm, and I will be expected to stay for the entirety of a volunteer shift. *
I am interested in a paid volunteer position if one is available. If selected for a paid position, I acknowledge I am not an employee of the Tandem restaurant, and will be compensated no more than $600 total during the 2020 calendar year. *
COVID-19: I pledge to wear a mask and practice safe social distancing during tutoring volunteer hours. I am aware of the risk of Covid-19 exposure related to my volunteer position at the Tandem, and release the restaurant, its staff, volunteers, and student participants from liability related to the risk of contracting Covid-19. *
Background Check: acknowledge that if my initial application is approved, I will need to submit a background check through the company Sterling Volunteers. An email will be sent to the address I provided, and I will not be eligible to tutor at the Tandem until my background check is submitted and approved - the process takes roughly 24 hours. There is a cost of $19 for each background check, which the Tandem will gladly reimburse on your first volunteer session, upon request. *